Keyboards & More Hire


As well as vintage electric pianos we have a range of synthesizers, keyboards, amps, and accessories that you can hire. Take a look from our list below:


Hohner Pianet T

A Rhodes like electric piano made by Hohner. Warm, punchy, and percussive. No sustain pedal function though.

Moog Grandmother

Semi-modular monophonic analog synth. Great for bass and lead lines

Prophet Rev 2

Very versatile all-purpose synthesizer, specialising in pads and textures.

Roland Juno 60

Vintage synth for that 80’s sound. Great oscilators, iconic chorus, and arpeggiator.

Casio VL-Tone VL-1

Fun toy-like keyboard that is also a calculator.

Stylophone 350s

Keyboard played with a pen-stylus. Another fun toy synth. Has a big subculture for some reason.


Fender Twin Reverb

This amp is the must pair with the Fender Rhodes. Plugged in, with the iconic reverb and vibrato on, the sound is like nothing else. Highly recommended if hiring one of our Rhodes pianos. Sounds great with Wurlitzers and Clavinets too. Comes in a flight case with castor wheels.

Roland JC-120

Another classic pairing for Fender Rhodes. Also suitable for amping up Wurlitzer or Clavinet. Comes in a flight case with castor wheels.


Jim Dunlop Wah-Wah Pedal

The must pairing with the Hohner Clavinet. The wah-wah transforms the Clav into the 70s funk sound.

Mics/Mic Stands

We’ve always got a few SM58’s around if you need to hire one, and K&M mic stands to hold them or your iPad stand.

Rhodes/Wurlitzer Piano Stackers

Perfect for resting another keyboard or synth on a Mark I Rhodes or a Wurlitzer.

Radial ProDI Direct Inputs

If going into the PA, these passive DI’s are the best for keyboard instruments. Perfect for removing any buzzing from a cable or vintage keyboard.

Quiklok Double Tier Keyboard Stands

Most keyboard stands are awful. These are some of the best. If you need to hire one or more with a piano or keyboard just let us know.

XLR’s & 1/4″ Jack Cables

Boring yes, but playing isn’t possible without them. We supply all necessary jack leads and/or XLR’s with all our hires, but if you need more just let us know.

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